Nominate The Most Deserving Clark County Teachers

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, friends and family proudly nominate Tracy Simasek Paz of Ruby Thomas Elementary. Mrs. Paz has been a 5th-grade teacher in our community for 30+ years and has taught over 2,000 children in the course of her career. She is currently on her final year, approaching retirement in the district at Ruby Thomas Elementary (1560 Cherokee Ln, Las Vegas NV. 89169 (702) 799-5550). She has made a positive impact on students lives by going beyond the scope of what a teacher is asked to do. She has helped feed students in need, supply paper, notebooks, backpacks, utensils and always provided a shoulder to lean on from her own personal pocket with compassion. This, in addition to providing higher learning for an “At Risk” school. She makes her classroom great by offering engaging unique activities, keeping the children off the streets, teaching discipline and challenging ALL students equally. Mrs. Tracy Simasek Paz will utilize this awarded prize and continue to ensure things that are taken for granted such as A/C or Heating for the classroom operate properly and help students in need succeed with necessary supplies past her retirement.

Please take a moment to follow this link and nominate our suggested candidate for the Outstanding teacher in our community.


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